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Moulton Law group is a full-service law firm with a primary focus on family law matters. Let us help you navigate these difficult issues with compassion and competence.


In any divorce, whether contested or contentious, you want to have someone on your side who can give you a full, understandable view of what your rights are. Moulton Law can help you account for all assets and debts, and determine a reasonable alimony figure. Even in high-asset cases, we can obtain business valuations, property and asset tracings, and even a forensic accounting if necessary to zealously advocate for your rights.


There are few issues in law that can be more emotionally fraught than the custody of children. Even beyond issues of legal and physical custody, Moulton Law will help you consider all the issues that can arise, including the proper calculation of child support, holiday and vacation schedules, tax considerations, and creative visitation schedules.



There are a lot details that go into adoption proceedings. Allow Moulton Law to assist you in the process, whether it is a straightforward familial adoption, or coordinating with state adoption agencies to expand your family.

Termination of Parental Rights

A necessity for most adoptions, a termination of parental rights can be a potentially fraught process. Moulton Law provides expertise and experience, ensuring that you have a strong advocate in your corner.

Prenuptial Agreements

Generally, matters of asset/debt acquisition and alimony are determined pursuant to statute and case law. However, parties are able to agree to certain provisions in a premarital agreement or even an agreement entered into after marriage. Moulton Law can ensure that your community plans are well thought out, fair, and will stand up under scrutiny from the law. 


Guardianship is a legal responsibility one can take on in order to care for a relative, whether elderly or adolescent. Moulton Law can assist you in obtaining guardianship that will allow you to have legal authority to act on behalf of the protected person, as well as the annual accountings required by the Court. Additionally, Moulton Law can help you defend against unfair or wrong-footed guardianship proceedings brought against you. 

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